In the fall of 2009 I came out as a man. This may not sound like a revelation, but up until that point, my gender identity was invisible to me. Sure, I thought about how I didn’t fit the stereotype, but I didn’t think a lot about how I did fit the stereotype, and how I benefited from male privilege (and others). It’s a shame that I had to go to graduate school to finally start to unpack what it meant to be a straight, white male in America. Without the voices of other men to encourage my own self-exploration in an academic setting, I would not have been able to begin a process of identity exploration and humanization. This website is for those who don’t have access to the scholars, but need to hear a man say that it’s okay to break out of the Man Box.

Oh, and I’ll probably write some stuff about Student Conduct and Higher Education from time to time too.

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